Monday, April 18, 2011

spring party

Wanna plan that spring party? For the birthday or graduating friend? Because the semester is coming to a close and you want to celebrate? Or just because?

I set the table up for such occasion.
I didn't buy one thing, I just mixed and matched everything we have in our apartment.
I grabbed random forks, knives, spoons. 
It's playful, fun, spring-like.

I stuck with a palette of spring colors and didn't want to keep everything the same. Why not do a variation of different textures? Makes it visually pleasing.


Make sure you have this candle handy and lit. Will draw anyone closer to the table.

Contributing as a "center piece" I played with frames and old cards I had received from various friends. It's simple and allows you to re-use an item you normally keep in your card box! (atleast for me)

Small demo:
-empty frames I haven't been using
-cards I don't look at anymore

After that, its just about playing around to see where cards fit the frame!

And voila!
You've knocked out 2 D.Y.I. projects and probably saved yourself $30.00!

Happy spring partyin'!

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