Sunday, April 3, 2011


Tonight I will put much effort into it.
But face it,
is it a curse or just whatever?

I ask god to help me.
Still I need HIM.
But why I'm so excited to be perished?

In fashion,
it's a life.
It's a freedom of expression.
Taste the sin & make it happen!

I can survive.
Whenever I'm in Paris
or Tokyo,
I will work it out!
Bonjour! Arigato gozaimaz!

A mannequin. A model.
I supposed!
Stay and watch, freezing
cold enormously.

Paint my heart with glory.
Scare people when
they afraid.
It's the climax
and that is what I enjoy.

2nd day to perish.
What on earth I'm talking about!

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