Friday, April 15, 2011

Puccini : The Song, The Moon and HIM.

When the sun is gone,
When the moon is rising,
there came a men
Not a fairy or angel
but something that is so - called - creature.

When the land is sleeping,
he watch and watch
as the earth growth
fundamentally embrace
the soul of emotion and spirit
of nightingale

Who shall came for peace?
He is.
The ghost of Puccini.
A song about verdi,
tosca, la luna, nessun dorma,
so many things
so many opus
so beautiful
He came like a soft wind

Why should be afraid?
it's not something that can distract
or harm your immortality,
but it's something that you should
see through your violet eyes.

Like a rocket,
fly so high.
Puccini is a strong
and tall.
Alone but happy to be

As life growth,
some is terrible
but some is simple.
Do not hesitate
as the state
is the gate
of ate..
the creature's
going to get you!

Oh! he wanted to share a light
with you!
Listen to him..
every night,
when the light is off,
wake up
and play it safe..

This is a story
of the song
of many century.
Keep letting it go
as he loves to show some love.
From the moon,
to earth.

Model Sandra Azwan
Art Director Julien Hakym

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