Saturday, April 9, 2011

hand-written letters

Is anybody still doing hand-written letters?
I am! And I don't think I will ever fade away from it as long as I live. I get this from my grandmother who loved writing letters until she could write no more. I think I have been given many traits from her, which helps me to remember all the sweet things about her that I miss.

And before I begin writing, I pick through all my stationary to see what mood I'm feeling in.

I have this weird thing where everytime I go into Micheal's I make sure I hit up the $1.00 aisle and go through all their stationary to see which one is worth getting. This last time it was the one with the birdhouses (far left)

I loved buying this one with the old women, its so precious and I want to look that way when I'm 70. Well maybe.

These I bought off Etsy, not reading the size description but just seeing how they looked. REEEEAAALLLY SMALL, I can't write with that much space! What could I use these for now??

Happy weekend y'all!

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