Thursday, April 21, 2011

rembrandt van rijn

Normally I don't understand a thing that's going on in my history of printmaking class. It's really not that boooooooring, I just get A.D.D and start sketching trees all over my notes. Or I'll jump in every once in awhile to gain participation points.

But as we've learned about Rembrandt being an etcher and his connections from printmaking before/after photography, I'm continuously drawn to his "sketchy-likeness" and way of handling the prints (leaving marks, drawing us into the center).

I love whats going on in this top print. The beggars approaching this man and he humbling gives them change so that they may be provided. This is how Christ approaches us daily.

I would hang this in my home because I'm obsessed with the silhouette of trees. Again, Rembrandt has left the diagonal sharp lines on the side purposefully because that's what he wanted to achieve in his works.

Who's your artist of the week?

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