Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my own take on fajita's

Since being in college, I've become a huge lover of mexican food. I always grew up loving fajita's, but unless I was at a restaurant I would never touch peppers or onions. But then, I began thinking about how I could take my deep love for fajita's and bring it home in my kitchen! Besides I normally only use one tortilla and then just mess with everything else...(by this point I've already had 3 servings of chips & salsa)

Here is my version of fajita's, nothing has really changed, I've just brought it home and saved $12.00!

1. Olive oil
2. green pepper
3. red pepper
4. white onion 
5. chicken

(these are my personal preferences, you can add/take away to your liking)


1. Heat skillet on medium and add about a tablespoon of olive oil. Or just drizzle how much you think you need, don't do too much, it might sizzle and pop you in the face!

2. Using a serenaded knife cut thin strips of peppers and onions. I'm still learning how to purr-fect my onion slices!

Because I wanted to make this twice, I only used half of the peppers and onion. Once again I've saved money and since this was a meal for myself, I didn't want to toss anything.

Love this detail of the pepper seeds! (I know...weird photo food freak)

3. Once you sliced it all up throw in the skillet and let the sauteing begin! (10-13 mins)

4. At this point you want to begin cooking your chicken. Once again, for me I throw mine on the 'Ol George Foreman and let it cook both sides for about 7 minutes.

(sizzling occuring, shake the skillet here and there, sizzle, the smell begins to consume your apartment and its wonderful and a smile begins on my face)

5. When your chicken is all cooked, throw into the skillet where it all becomes complete! Let this go another 2-3 minutes.

6. And then, its a masterpiece! It's perfection! Throw it on the plate and start eating! (no tortilla's necessary for me)

Hope this has inspired you to want to go home and cook this for yourself, friends or family!
As I write this, I'm almost slobbering wanting more, I better stop.
I'm so thankful God has produced all these flavors, tastes and colors! 

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