Sunday, April 24, 2011

Personal Education.

What is love? If you don't know what is love you just have to quit your life..

singlet Topman

Somewhere in this life
everything is unfair just got to keep it straight and tight!

jeans Calvin Klein

when the game is over, got to be brave got to be matured! everything must be positives!

underwear Renoma

I lock myself alone before
thinking about the past but everything must to let it go...

white coat Calvin Klein

Love myself, my life, my pride, my personality. Anything but me.

Time is changing this life is getting warmth.

shirt Zara

Why I'm not think this before? the sunshine is bright again. I sit, and watch and learning, again.

Sometimes, it's hard to deal with all this situation. but I can. Something a little bit personal that you love to hear...from me.

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