Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last Train To Perish

Back on the day before. I get screwed, everything use to be perfect but now, it still happen again.

People told me that I'm beautiful but suddenly I choose this path. I don't believe in the use of talking.

I love my hair, I love my scissor. I kept them when I use to... well, something that people don't like it as much as I do.

I love to be alone. I hate to be surrounded. When it's time, I get up and starts to 'deliver'.

I'm like an animal. Searching, smelling, hibernate and sex. Immediately.

I go up. I come down. With umbrella, WITHOUT RAINS? You don't have to worry. It's a free country.

Breathing. The surface just getting higher. In this couture, acting, bewildering and joy. None of this making me blurry.

No more screaming. No more crying. No more unimportant emotion. This is me. This is the last train to perish. I confess, I have done it. It's wild and it's fun! The end.

Perish ; The First Episode.

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