Wednesday, April 6, 2011

current obsession; "egg-in-a-hole"

There are various terms for my current obsession:
"egg toast"
"bird's nest"
"cowboy eggs"
"moon eggs"

the final product should look the same, but its the greatness of coming up with different terms.
There is no explanation for why I have made this about 3 times this week, it could be the way the egg slides out from the first cut or the taste. Either way...I'M OBSESSED!

1. 1 egg
2. piece of bread
3. biscuit cutter
4. butter
5. salt & pepper


1. place skillet on medium-high and melt 2/3 tablespoons of butter (Pioneer would say 4/5 AND then some...)
2. with the biscuit butter, make a "hole" in the bread and lay the bread on letting it soak up THAT BUTTA BABY!
3. allow 30 seconds and crack the egg to fill in the bread
4. shake that salt and pepper like a polaroid picture! (sorry I'm way to into this)
5. after a minute flip the bread over to let it cook the other side (i normally have trouble here so you must be tender with the bread and egg)

6. let the egg cook for another minute or until your tired of waiting and want to cut into it!

7. cut into the break allowing the egg to oooooooze out, the best part! You don't want to wait another second before you take that first bite! 
It's magical, right?

i can't get enough of the ooey-gooeyness of it!!!!!!! (above is a picture of the first time I made this and became hooked)
this recipe was inspired by the wonderful Pioneer Woman.

**if you don't like eggs or a vegan, this breaks my heart that you have to miss this meal. i couldn't give it up, nope, i don't want to either.**

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