Friday, April 9, 2010


PW angel sugar cookies, originally uploaded by dlandy77.

I was hoping to post this entry yesterday but got caught up in TV shows and volleyball, which both those things were fun so I don't regret my decision making. So this is what I was holding on to that I wanted to share: PW's Angel Sugar Cookies that I made!

all the ingredients for PW angel sugar cookies PW angel sugar cookiesPW angel sugar cookies of course there is clean-up

1st frame: everything needed to make the Sugar Cookies

2nd frame:before they were popped into the oven, I could eat dough forever

3rd frame: I decided to let them bake and they were 10x's better!

4th frame: of course there's clean-up involved but I don't mind!

I felt like the Cookie Paparazzi taking so many close up pictures of the cookies but they deserve it! Look at how beautiful they are, and sugary and airy and fluffy and yummy and I'm in heaven!
PW angel sugar cookies PW angel sugar cookies PW angel sugar cookies


And yesterday was TOMS Awareness Day of One Day Without Shoes and I'm so glad I took part of it this year (last year I only went for about 4 hours) but this year I went all day! And I saw so many others barefoot too! And I got to tell a couple people about it after they first gave me a stare of "Your not wearing any shoes?! Why aren't you wearing any shoes?! What's TOMS?" OK LET ME TELL YOU! My friend Cydney went even as far as to write on her feet so I had to take a picture.

One Day Without Shoes

and a close up of her feet
One Day Without Shoes

I want so many more pictures of people barefoot but I kept forgetting to pull out my camera and then I didn't want to seem creep-like. Well next year when I do it I'll just go straight up to them!

Have a wonderful/restful weekend!

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