Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma!

momma's bday party, originally uploaded by dlandy77.

Today isn't momma's birthday, yesterday was, but of course I was going to blog about it, she deserves it.

I love my momma.
She is so sweet.
So loving.
So kind.
So self-less.
So fun.
She looks so young for her age (thanks Olay! I use it too)
She does so much for my brother and I.
She loves sports.
Enjoys reading and watching movies.
She is moving to NY to go back home.
I love my momma!
Happy Birthday!

Rebecca & mommy bro & sissy

Momma's good loving friend Rebecca. And my brother not interested in smiling, does this all the time. One day we'll get a picture of him and I just smiling, normal.

momma's gifts momma's gift

Momma holding up her gifts and showing off her hip new cuff link!

Turtle Empandas Turtle Empandas (macro)

There was dessert, a must. Is your mouth watering yet? It was so good!

Turtle Empandas

Mmmmmm...I love On The Border! And my momma!

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