Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lilian Ajok; Invisible Children

Lilian Ajok; Invisible Children, originally uploaded by dlandy77.

Beautiful girl. Beautiful story. Beautiful thing Invisible Children is doing.

On Tuesday night I went to an Invisible Children Tour outreach advocating the need for education in the country of Uganda. And it also gave us a glimpse of what Invisible Children does/their purpose. Of course I started tearing up when the video cameras were capturing all the things seen in Uganda and the stories of the children. The video they were showing was called 'GO' where 12 high school students were chosen after their school raised the most money for Schools for Schools. A girl Lilian Ajok was a girl that heard about Invisible Children and met the students that came to her country. I don't think she knew that a couple of years later she would tour the U.S. telling her story. She is so thankful for everything and it was so amazing to hear her voice and her true story. This makes me want to go to Africa all the more!

I had to get a picture with her of course:
Lilian Ajok; Invisible Children

The next post will be about a yummy treat!

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