Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cake Pops!

detail of sprinkled cake pop!, originally uploaded by dlandy77.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to do this posting but I can't hold it in. And I don't think I have done 2 postings in a day before, but I am, right here, right now. So yesterday I just knew I needed to make the Cake Pops, since you know I have been wanting to make them for a straight month. I went to the store got everything, which later I realized I got the wrong chocolate (silly Danielle) and had to go back to Micheal's while the Cake Balls were freezing in the freezer.

detail of cake mix icing and cake mix
melting chocolate yummy chocolate
pop inside cake ball
they really do look like meatballs at first

cake pops! detail of sprinkled cake pop!

OI523JF(S*UF(WQ*U*?/?!FOUHFSD! So delicious!

Anywaaaaaays, they turned out so so so.... I can't even put a word on it but if you ask my friends they would tell you what I said.

They weren't as bad to make as I thought they would be and I'm just on this high for baking/cooking.

I also can't believe its just Thursday, every Thursday I think its Friday, my mom knows that full well. I always do that, but I'm glad its Thursday because that means $3.00 movie night!

Ok have a good Thursday night however you spend it.

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