Wednesday, April 7, 2010

17 Days

...until we move to Utah! It's becoming real that we're moving, since I'm packing everything we can do without for now and we've sold a big chunk of our furniture... meaning we no longer have a couch, a dining room table, any of our patio furniture, and I just sold our bedroom set today. (Supposedly people are buying our chairs and our coffee table but they haven't gotten back to me yet.) It's crazy.

I'm sad to leave DC, but I'm getting more and more excited to be in Utah. My only remaining (prejudicial) fear is to be in an area that is SO "right" politically... whereas we're kind of in the middle. (I voted for Obama and I support the health care bill... for a ton of mostly personal reasons... maybe I'll blog about it sometime.) Anyway, it's easy to look at an area like Utah that tends toward staunch Republican and feel like an outsider (and be afraid I'm going to be ostracized) when you don't fully agree with what seems to be the majority (and the media definitely supports it). Anyway, it's my one lingering concern. But I know we will be okay.

And as Robert often reminds me: Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. So if I see some things differently, I can try to understand someone else's perspective respectively and hope they'll do the same for me. :)

Anyway, my kids are rampaging through the house with me blogging so I've got to go. But seriously. 17 Days. Keep Robert in your prayers because he's gearing up for finals on top of EVERYTHING else.

And to our Utah friends and family: we love you and are excited to see you soon! We look forward to many hours of playing games, hanging out, getting our kids together, and generally having a good time.

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