Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Not to Wear/Do on Campus.

In this posting I will be displaying things not to wear or do on campus.
I have been studying the students of UNT within the past week so I could see what is going through their minds. I didn't take pictures of them because I don't want them to be embarrassed and I didn't have my camera on me any of those days.

So here are some things:

1. Keep the black velvet dress at home, or actually just burn it.
2. Now denim outfits can be cute and I've seen some cute pictures of girls with all denim outfits, but the girl I saw with the dress that was a wrap kind, nu uh not cool.
3. Please don't come to school with your jammies still on, especially your plaid jammy pants. As much as I want to wear my jammies to school, I know that people won't like it.
4. I see this all the time on campus!! Couples that just stop and kiss, before dropping their baby off to class they kiss about a good 4 times, well 5 since they can't without it. Then their groping one another, just hands flying wherever they want to. Yuck! Gross! Nobody wants to see!
5. Ok I just heard in recent news that the scrunchy is coming back? I need time to think about that. I sometimes use it to pull my hair break if I don't feel like washing my hair or there's a themed 80's party, but I don't let it go out in public. It stays a secret.
7. And then the bun on top of the head. My freshman year I had a girl in my biology lab that literally every single week we met she had a bun on top of her head, even when she presented a project. Not cool.

Let me know if something should be added to the list, but for now these are my top ones that must not be worn/or done on college campus.

Come back next week when I blog about what's cool to wear and do on campus.

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