Monday, April 12, 2010

Gay? Over 18? Live in the UK?

It's election time!

I understand that many of you will be long-time supporters of the Conservative party.

Well, if you're gay and planning to vote this year, please go here:

If LGBT issues are really important to you, you would vote Labour simply because of the statistics shown in these pie charts.

You'll notice that the Liberal Democrats also do quite well in the charts, but honestly, if you're from the UK, you know they're never going to win. Especially this time round.

UPDATE: I understand now, upon reflection, that saying the Liberal Democrats will not win was really quite anti-change of me. However, I simply meant to state that I feel that we need to start with the easier things (getting Labour into power) than the harder things (the extremely hard task of getting the Lib Dems to the top). One day, I'd love to see them take over, I swear! For now, I'm just concentrating on keeping the Conservatives OUT!

So please, please vote the Labour in this election. They're our best shot at equality.

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