Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hilton Harbor

king size bed, originally uploaded by dlandy77.
So this weekend I got to stay at the nicest hotel I've ever been to. And it was in my state, only an hour away from Denton. I stayed in Rockwall with some friends to celebrate a birthday and her mom got us this suite for a night. I had to be like PDubb and take pictures of all the things in the hotel room, but now going through them I should have taken better ones. My don't do justice for how pretty the room was, and I ruined it. Anyways there was a beautiful king size bed.
THEN YOU WALK INTO THIS BATHROOM! I definitely utilized the jacuzzi and waterfall shower. So wonderful.

amazing shower great tub

I did the ol take a picture in front of the sink because I wanted to and also to show the sink and great shower behind me. The living area was huge, we had two balconies! Yes, two! And then I really liked the lamp in the room, I wanted to steal it, as well as the two paintings they had, and the chair, and well, everything in it.

sink view desk/living area lamp in the Hilton Harbor

Y'all should know me pretty well to know how much I love taking pictures of the sky, and outside. So I took a lot, like 50 or so of the same sky, same water, but I just couldn't get enough of it.

more pictures of balcony view picture of balcony view

I mean wouldn't you?

close up pretty flower

Then I saw this beautiful flower when we were walking to dinner. Oh course, snapped a picture. I had such a great weekend with friends, getting a small tan, laughing a lot and not getting much sleep. And now I probably won't do my paper and go to bed.

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