Saturday, August 1, 2009


I don't deserve what I have, but yet the Lord is still faithful and provides through all circumstances. It continuously makes me more thirsty for the Lord and to rely on Him for strength, faith and trust.

For example, today at work I felt short-tempered with each customer passing through. I didn't know why I was so annoyed, but I seriously thought in my head "shut up and go." I felt rude today at work. After I read Utmost for today, I realized that I didn't do it in the morning and thats what I felt lacking today. Because the last couple of days since starting this book I have felt more energized, and filled up by the Spirit, just learning new small things that I can take during the day with me. When I have that from the morning, I feel better going into work and seeing people come to the pool.

And as tonight when I was listening to a song by Underoath: Some will seek forgiveness, Others Escape from YouTube it moved me hugely. Because I am such a visual person, they use clips from the Passion which helps me completely understand the lyrics more. It always brings me this feeling of guilt. Not an ugly guilt, but that I am a sinner day and day but yet He forgives and loves me. Even in the midst of my doubt, my short-temperedness, my quickjudgement and much more. One line that speaks a lot to me is "oh sweet angel of mercy with your grace like the morning wrap your loving arms around me.."

It's amazing His grace.

Oh, and the garage sale had to get cancelled due to weather...

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