Thursday, August 6, 2009

Images from Phone

We're all moved in! We are loving our new place. This morning, I left home to make the oh-so-short walk (10 to 12 minutes) to the Metro, when a courtesy shuttle honked, pulled up, and took me there in even less time. I didn't even know our apartment complex had a courtesy shuttle!

Our camera is currently MIA (probably permanently since the moving and organizing hasn't produced it), but here are some good photos that were taken with my cell phone.

Jocelyn with the baby.

Peter the master pianist and his friend Emily, the page-turner.

More piano playing.

Peter standing on the beach at Bear Lake, Utah.

Peter and his cousin on the beach.

The newest LDS temple (Oquirrh Mountain) that we toured while in Utah.

Peter trying to be a good big brother (and struggling).

Best Friends.

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