Friday, August 28, 2009

Deep Thoughts with "Smiling" Sean Marks

I am so happy to have escaped the beautiful city of Toronto for the sweltering heat of Miami. For this, I happily dunk.I am quite obviously insane, yet still employed by an NBA team. Though clearly psychotic, I have a championship ring. For this, I giddily dunk. I have grown my hair out to appear more Nowitzki-ish. It looks pretty flowing. For this, I cheerfully dunk.
I am fortunate to play with the previous best point guard in basketball, and now the current best point guard in basketball. They get me easy shots. For instance, this dunk, which I will joyously perform.I have somehow eluded the giant Yao Ming. My sneaky Kiwi ways have come in handy yet again. For this, I will ecstatically dunk.
Because he appreciates my blonde locks, my hairsake Dirk Nowitzki has allowed me the chance for yet another two-handed dunk. For this, I gladly dunk. Fine. I'll dunk again. This time jovially.

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