Tuesday, August 11, 2009

art project days

The last couple of days I have felt very crafty. Here's what's going on..

1. I've been painting up some canvases red to put up in my room, not sure if I will add more and how I will place them, but its an art in work.

2. The next project which I've half-completed today is spray-painting an old wooden chair that was used for our old dining table set. I wanted a desk-chair for the apartment since the one given to use isn't the prettiest. And from getting inspiration from magazines I thought this was a great idea and color. And I just need to buy a seat cushion to make it complete.

The before chair:

After some blue spray-paint:

I'm also going to be sanding it some to give it that distressed look. I hope it comes out that way, I'll load a picture of the FINISHED FINISHED project.

3. Last night I saw a small canvas I hadn't done anything with and I decided to do a cross on it after painting it white. I'll probably put it up in my room somewhere, its the button cross.
See it?

Then I had some fun zooming in on the buttons and messing with it on iPhoto.

And I must not every forget where I come from. The Lone Star State.

Y'all have a goodnight!

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