Monday, August 17, 2009

Occasional Observations on Several Subjects: Things Learned in Colorado

Thanks to a well placed source in Denver (really) and confirmed by this article, Chris Andersen is not shaving until his wedding next June. Here is a dramatization of his beard growth:

birdman calendar

"I'm the grizzly bird."

You guys are all jerks for not calling me. As such, I've added the widget on the left, so call me, jerks.


I visited the inspiration for the most important song of 2009:

I'm here.

My real life Internet music writer friend recommended an album that my real life Internet basketball writer friend had previously recommended, thus proving that there is more than one Steely Dan fan on Earth.

This song too:


Future projects to come after I finish this stupid book:
  • A second book
  • A comedy mixtape


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