Sunday, August 30, 2009

Libby's house

This morning as I was drinking coffee before going to church the smell brought me back to my grandmother's house. My grandma Libby has coffee every morning, regular black coffee with some milk and the aroma of it always stays for a couple of hours. Coffee has become one of my new favorite smells. I don't think I could ever get tired of it. And one of my favorite things about her home is all the artwork made from either her mother-in-law, husband or herself. Sure they have bought some accessories from other places but you look around her home and the art is from family hands. I have contributed a few pieces of my own and now I'm always in her home whether I'm physically there or not.

This is the current new book I'm reading, which has been amazing thus far. I'm about half-way through and the stories Donald retells is exactly what I was thinking, feeling and going through during his time of youth and finding Christ. Of course I still have a lot of growing up to do and he is well past my age, but when an author makes you feel like your part of the book, it makes me a little teary eyed. I'll admit, I'm emotional.

The other great thing is my new backpack for school. Because I've bought this at Walmart for $10! Yes, $10, you will now all go out and by it. I mean a camo backpack, this is great! And one of my roomies got one too, were backpack twinkies!

The first day of school wasn't too shabby. Although lugging around 10 pounds of your art supplies isn't that fun. I'm now pumped to see how these art classes are going to change my perspective of art and the skills I will develop over the next couple of months. I think this will really be a determining point if the Lord is calling me to do art. I'll let y'all know what He reveals to me..

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