Sunday, August 23, 2009

Got it!

Don't worry, the pictures are BACK. If you cared to look.
Here are some of the pics of my new place in Denton;

First, when you walk in your already in the living/kitchen and dining room. This makes it convenient for dinner parties (if we ever have one) and we don't have to walk far to sit in front of the TV with our meals.
Its still a work in progress, don't judge by the bare walls and unfinished-ness of the place.

Here is the kitchen where the most art is on the fridge with an assortment of varies things and at least our table is pretty modern

Go down the hall to the left (yes a SMALL hallway in our 3 bed apt.) and first door on the left you will be inside my room! I've taken the painting from last year I had in my room and re-painted it in just a solid red.

Next to the bed is this great find I got at an antique store in the Square for $17. It used to be an art teachers and she would use it as a display table, how perfect for me since I want to be an art teacher! And it makes a beautiful night-stand table.

One of my better walls to look at is the one over my desk. I've taken the idea from my other roommates but we each have it in a different place. I wanted to first paint the wall of my desk a BRIGHT color so it would make me focus when school started. Well that didn't happen and now its become a wall with my favorite pictures and other small things. I think I used the space well. What are your thoughts?

A becoming Twitter-obbessor I have found someone who I love to get Tweets! from. Its design_sponge and this woman posts just different links of things consisting of: redone rooms, simple DIY's, before/afters of rooms. And today when I was looking at some of the rooms posted, I fell in awe. The beauty of art is that it can be used in any shape/form possible. The ideas are endless, seriously. The way people come up with ways to decorate their homes always makes me giddy. And when I saw what artwork they had posted up, it makes me think that I could paint ANYTHING I wanted to, and I'm sure someone would buy it. I've seen paintings of chairs, fruits, cartoonish people, you catch what I'm saying, all sorts of things and someone wanted it. I'm just going to start painting whatever I see. I have been requested to do a painting by a friend, I need to start on that.

Other things going on: I'm back at work (working at the moment), I start school Thursday (ya I don't know why Thursday), and I have taken a recent liking of the show Entourage.

Well, HAPPY; Mondays, first day back at school, going back to work, not getting campus parking tickets!

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