Monday, August 3, 2009

those weird sentences

OK so the first time I tried to write a blog from my phone it worked perfectly, this time not so much. So I apologize for those 5 weird postings.
This is what I originally wrote:

Church was refreshing yesterday morning just worshipping and being in such a Holy place. The pastor spoke about what matters most to God (the current series) through parenting & how big they are of an influence. That helps prepare me to be a strong mother when I have (which hopefully will be many) and to just speak to them the Gospel during meals, before they go to bed and everyday see how God is working in their lives.

The pastor also spoke of missions and what the church is doing with that in Honduras, Guatemala and near by place. I just love the calling of that and how God chooses His people to be in other places of the world serving young kids or adults. Just anywhere in the ministry, I don't know yet if that's something God wants me to do, but I would be totally up for that.

I just finished Something Borrowed and I'm about to start Smashed, story of a drunken girlhood. Its similar to other books i've read just like this, and its kinda a slow start but I have this whole week at work to finish it which I'm sure I will.

I'm totally watching Shark Week as everyone else is.

my attempt at trying to copy Emile Hirsch

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