Sunday, August 9, 2009

multiple things

This is going to be a big posting since I have skipped the last couple of days.
Saturday was a BIG, GIANT, ENORMOUS, MASSIVE day for me because I perticipated in my first multi-family garage sale! The success was good even when I had to leave to go to work. Here are some pictures of the sale happening:

..a garage sale wouldn't be complete without its salers'

..the "misses salers"/my money apron

..things are going!

..interested shoppers that walked away with something

whatever you wanted was there.
It was a pleasure being a part of it and I will gladly do it next year! So if you want a summer garage sale I will help out!

Now another part of my weekend was getting things together for my small move in to Denton tomorrow. I am just dropping off a couple of things and paying my first apartment rent! This is big for me! That just means its getting too close for school to start. I'm not ready.

Mom was so sweet to "get me started" with some cleaning supplies/the essentials

Some things I have bought to add dazzle everywhere: new plates, clock, trash can

My beautiful ma. I told her to do a natural smile and I like the outcome.

My cute bro that spends about 12 hours a day holding that controller and talking to his friends on that headset.

A new painting I'm working on that might possibly go up in my new room somewhere.

And finally the last picture is of Whitney's money jar I worked on tonight. Around the white ribbon it says "CALIFORNIA HERE WE COME"

This weekend was "smashing"

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