Friday, July 31, 2009

Coffee in hand.

Today I get a little break from work! Tomorrow I'm back 2-6.
Last night I stayed in Denton at Kelli and South's place and it was just a nice time catching up and just hanging out. They apologized for not being "fun" or doing anything, but really I didn't mind and loved not doing anything. Some of the best nights are just staying inside and talking with one another.

I was looking through all my documents saved and I came across one titled Ideas. A couple of months ago I wanted to come up with something to make lots of money, and basically be the next TOMS in a sense. So my line of stuff is called Hope Line and basically its t-shirts, backpacks, journals, greeting cards, could be mugs, anything you want. And the symbol would be a dove, representing hope: peace: love: faith: joy. I just feel super inspired all the time to do something, because I love more than anything to share something big with people and just see that joy come over them. The hardest part is getting started.

Tomorrow morning if you have nothing to around 6 a.m.-ish which I know is no one, you should come to the multi-family garage sale happening off of Norwood in Hurst, TX. So find all the change you can so you can buy something nice for yourself, friend, pet, family member, boss, etc. Its going to be great.

In Utmost today, its Becoming Entirely His.
James 1:4 says "Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, lacking anything."
It's all His, and its us that must believe.

Some of my fav photos from Sharptop/Saranac. I know this is late.

view of the famous blog/dining hall

kara & i at the top of the mountain, fully completed the hike!

blake, tricia, hunter, muah on the formal dinner night. everyone is lookin' sharp.

my favorite tree at Saranac

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