Thursday, July 16, 2009

Henk Norel on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Yesterday was a pretty stressful day for me. I was away from the computer all day, so there was no Blowtorch "hilarity." Sorry (not really). But as a nice way to end the day after exhausting book deal negotiations, I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with Minnesota TimberLOLves draftee Henk Norel. Here is our post-viewing conversation on the way home.

Trez Kerbz: So, what did you think of the movie.

Henk Norel: Jah, not so bad, mate. I locked the movie, mate.

TK: You sound like you're from London.

HN: Netherlands, mate.

TK: Cool, bro. What was your favorite part?

HN: I thought it was cool, mate, how they had a character zat looked just like me. Actually two, mate. It was a noice tribute.

TK: That's what I was thinking the whole time. It was funny how the little girls kept coming up to you and asking if you played Fred or George.

HN: Jah, zat was CRAZY mate. Don't they know the deeference between a Dutch accent and an English one, mate?

TK: I don't.

HN: Jah, good point, mate.

TK: What else did you like?

HN: Mostly just looking like those two brothers. Oh, and the guy that looked like Ricky.

TK: Ricky Rubio?

HN: Jah.

TK: So you liked the character of Harry Potter, who the movie is about, because he looked like your teammate, but you couldn't remember his name even though, like I said, he is who the movie is about?

HN: Jah.

TK: You're an idiot. What does "Henk" even mean?

HN: Hank.

TK: Of course. Let's just be quiet until we get home.

HN: Jah.

TK: You know, I don't even know how we started hanging out in the first place.

HN: I thought we were being "quiet."

TK: Shut up.

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