Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mike Brown Sons Shaq at a Freestyle Battle


I gets busy / Call me Big Shaq D
Or The Big Freestyle / Doesn't matter to me
Killin' fools on the mic since I been about six
Flow so ill / Get Tylenol sick

Rippin' rhymes, rhymin' raps like my name Jay-Z
I'm a bad mammajamma call me Shaq Ali
I done rocked this beat / Pass the mic to Coach
Call him Meek Mike / He too scared to approach

(Shaq drops the microphone and enters the crowd, celebrating his presumed victory.)

(After Shaq has returned to the stage, Mike Brown casually picks up the microphone.)

Call me Meek Mike / Well I guess he's kinda right
Since I'll inherit this Earth cause my flow so tight
Ain't no Terry Porter / Ain't no S-V-G
Just remember, Bron's one, I'm two, you're three

See that's how it goes / I'ma put you in your place
Basically you're here just to take up space
Get back in shape / So your fat won't cost us
Or I'll have to sit you for Zydrunas Ilgauskas

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