Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Worst Christmas Present Ever

Consider this a public service announcement to any parent of an NBA fan.

Let's say that your son is the biggest Portland Trailblazer fan on the planet. Furthermore, let's say that he's also a big shoe collector. And finally, let's say that your son loves Blazers memorabilia.

Now, given those circumstances, what would be a perfect gift for your son? First, maybe, you consider getting your son a pair of the Brandon Roy Nike Blue Chips. But no, those aren't authentic enough. You want something better than that.

Sure, you could get a Greg Oden jersey or maybe even a Bill Walton throwback. But there's got to be something more legit than those, right?

So you settle on these; game worn Steve Blake And 1 Tai Chis.

And just like that, all your careful planning and deliberation goes out the window. You just bought your son a pair of wack shoes from a mediocre point guard.

So please, parents, beware of what you buy. Just because it's real doesn't mean it's real good.

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