Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The NBA Is Back, Y'all

BASKETBALL IS HAPPENING AGAIN! Rejoice! And with that comes loves and hates. On one hand, I hate everything about this picture:

I despise Damien Wilkins. He's the worst. Literally. He's BY FAR my least favorite player in the league, moreso than even Larry Hughes. Desmond Mason's no great shakes either. Plus the team is terrible. Despite how much I like Durant, Green, and Westbrook, the franchise is worst. The uniforms, the colors, the name, every single thing about them is wrong. Plus they employ Damien Wilkins.

HOWEVER, this picture is all that is right in my world:

As much as Pau Gasol is The Blowtorch's mascot, Marc might even be funnier. Sure Pau has arms that go everywhere, but Marc exists solely to ram in to people. He's like a fat version of Bulls-era Tyson Chandler. With a beard and gregarious smile, of course. I'm so glad he's here. Oh, and he's playing against an Iranian. Way to be, Grizzlies.

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