Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Bump, The Trip, and The Terror (who's not quite 2)

Hello world. How are you? Little Suck (#2) says "hi" via kicks...

Speaking of the belly bump, it's getting BIG. At least, it feels big (and looks big) to me. I think this baby is going to be a fatty. And he/she (we find out the gender on MONDAY!!!) already has discovered two loves: jumping on my bladder (or doing successive round-house kicks; same effect for me) and lodging his/her body into my right rib cage (the same rib cage, interestingly enough, that Peter loved to inhabit... despite my prods). So basically, I'm only half-way through (20 weeks today!) and already this kid is trying to make me pee my pants (and is getting close... TMI, eh?) and is stubbornly insisting on sticking his/her little body in my rib cage (despite my urging pokes... and the fact that it HURTS). Ahhh!!!

And I was hoping for a calm baby... to balance the craziness of our toddler. Oh well! At least I know he/she is healthy in there.

Robert's computer has all the pics, so I'll post some later. And he can write all about Indiana (our last-minute trip this week... thanks to his job, actually, who paid for us to go!). He did his work assignment, and then we got to hang out! It was a whole lot of fun, especially since I got to see a lot of his mission areas (he served in Indiana). Plus getting away from the day-to-day is always nice.

Peter is a spazz and a half. He loves running around, screaming like a banshee, making crazy demands (cookies for lunch? no thank you) and then sticking to them with shrieking/whining (no, I don't give in; call me mean or call me persistent), standing and jumping on the table (despite my valiant efforts to explain "no," do time outs, take away his car, etc.)... he's just basically a toddler. A naughty toddler. Luckily, he's still my sweet boy a lot of the time, so he brings me stories and snuggles on my lap, loves watching tv (which I DO limit... but oh man it is a nice break), gives kisses and hugs (the cutest!), and is just adorable...

It's a good thing Heavenly Father created toddlers to be so darn cute. The little laughs, smiles, hugs, and kisses thrown-in between the tantrums and CRAZINESS keep me from losing it completely.

Pics to come! Have a great day, etc, etc, etc. (-Jocelyn)

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