Sunday, October 12, 2008

And then came THE hottest promo picture ever.

Cutting right to the chase... Imagine how much I drooled when I first saw this picture promoting new lesbian movie And Then Came Lola.

You probably understand where I'm coming from, as you are also probably drooling all over your laptop right now.

And Then Came Lola - which is due for release sometime soon - is a movie in which Lola, (Ashleigh Sumner, pictured far left), a talented photographer has to juggle her relationship with her girlfriend with her beloved job. The film sees Lola scurrying about the streets of San Francisco trying to get to her meeting on time.

I for one cannot wait to see this movie released, but it seems they're having a little trouble with funding and need money to finish the film. Go here to donate any spare change you have lying around if you want to see the movie (also starring Jill Bennett, Dante's Cove and Cathy DeBuono, pictured above) as much as I do!

Just for now, view a preview here.

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