Friday, October 31, 2008

Former NBA Player Scott Williams Opines On the State of the NBA

Hey guys, it's me Scott Williams, and I'm here to talk to you about basketball. In particular, NBA basketball.

You might not remember this, but just three years ago, I, Scott Williams, played basketball in the NBA. In fact, I played for the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James. LeBron has gone on record saying that I'm the biggest influence on his basketball life, so trust me when I tell you what is wrong with the NBA.

Want to know what's wrong with the NBA? I'll tell you right now.
There's not enough Scott Williams in the NBA.
Actually, there's no Scott Williams in the NBA at all, and that is definitely not enough Scott Williams.

Check my stats. I averaged 7.6 per game in 1994 and then the exact same number, 7.6, in the year 2000. You can bet online that has never been done before.

Remember the time I registered my career high in points AND assists in the same game against my former team? I do. Once again, this is a legendary feat that only adds to the legend of Scott Williams.

Oh, I forgot to mention my three championship rings. How silly of me.

Think of it this way; I've got three titles, the ability to score at least 7.6 points per game, and I'm guaranteed to have a career high in points and assists against any of my former teams. You add that to the fact that I essentially tought LeBron James to play basketball. Why wouldn't that interest the NBA?

I know David Stern is quite concerned with the marketing of the league overseas and other business of that sort, but he seems to be missing the point. The NBA needs more Scott Williams, and I'm just the Scott Williams to give it to them.

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