Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why do I dislike men so much, you ask?

Here's why...

Take male chauvinist Dick Masterson. Granted, he's a bit of an extreme example, but he's a perfect example of how bad men's attitudes towards women and, more specifically lesbians, can be.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

What's that? All women are lesbians for attention? HOLD THE PHONE! Am I not right in thinking there are a lot of homophobic women out there who would rather not pass themselves off as homosexual? And more importantly, funnily enough, all the lesbians I know are not doing it for attention, they're doing it because of men like you. (Oh, also the fact that women are hotter and clearly make better conversation than men may have something to do with it.)

For more disgustingly degrading blogs written by Masterson himself, go to to see the full extent of his chauvinistic attitude.

The one that particularly p*ssed me off was this one titled "All Lesbians Are Fakers". Women are all lesbians because they like sex? Women are only in lesbian relationships to have sex?

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he has been in one or two lesbian relationships... YEAH, RIGHT.

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