Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Young Me

Tonight's post will showcase pictures of my years as a young girl. These photos have shaped who I have become as a young adult and will probably follow me through my lifetime. There are plenty more pictures of me around the house, but I am too embarrassed to show anyone in this lifetime and can not believe the choices I made for some of my school pictures. Apparently I did not think "PICTURE DAY" was important because of the clothes I was wearing and my hair-do's.


Of course I don't remember this picture being taken but what I love about it is the outfit I'm wearing. Look how momma paired my floral printed jumpsuit outfit with white socks and white sandals. And look at that hair, gorgeous!

There's something disturbing to me in this picture: I think its my facial impression. I think the photographer said here "Ok look sexy, show me your cute pose" and I gave him/her this face. Or this is where maybe I thought my modeling career would begin. Good posture, beautiful flowered hairclip and again a flower printed dress.

Two things going on here. First, I look like a monkey. Second, the background is splattered painted. Cool and artsy, 10 or 15 years later, I love to paint.

This is a favorite of mine because here I wanted to start smiling with my teeth at the camera. Next, my hair is growing out and looks soft (I want that back). And thirdly, the background shows me with alphabet blocks, school-like setting. Today, I'm going to college to get my art education degree. This one connects well.

This one wins for me though! Just everything about it. I still have that dress, its in a box with I think my girls scout outfits. I think its the only dress that made it thus far without me wanting it to go to Goodwill. And I've got that bob hair-cut going on, my hands are position but when the photographer went to snap the picture I think I wanted to tell him/her something.

"Excuse me, do my hands go like this?"
"Is my one leg supposed to be extended farther than the other?"
"Do you like my haircut?"
"Ok, do you like my dress?"
"Am I asking too many questions?"

And then he/she took it. Then he/she decided that this was the picture. And then afterwards maybe I jumped for joy because I didn't have to take anymore pictures.

And now I LOVE taking pictures! (As you well know)

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