Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home in Tejas!

I'm back in Tejas! This day has gone by so fast, I flew home, watched a friend get baptized, went over to a friends house and hung out and now I'm about to lay down and get a deep rest with two other girls. I told them I feel like were living in NYC because there is going to be 3 of us living in the same room for a month. We will be praying over each other a lot not to choke one another, nah, I love them too much!

These pictures aren't from Texas, but from the other day when my brother and I went to a place called White Post Farm, which we only lasted an hour because he was bored. I could have stayed all day, til they closed and then come back the next day to feed the animals. Here is what we say:

I love cows, deer, llama's, camel's, piggies!

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