Monday, June 7, 2010

Duck Fest!

Was anyone checking about me blogging yesterday? It's ok if your not interested but I love blogging too much, so I keep going.

This is what was missed (I'm just going to do a big post)

I'm in love with this place, I wanted to buy everything in the store. I mostly likely will buy something when I get back to TX, because my suitcase would have overflowed.
Check out their website; good samples & ducks

Those ducks are real. That hairdo is real. That feathered textured body is fa realz.
And I loved it all. Then as we walked on the other side I saw this boy feeding the ducks, he's part of the Cider Mill family, then we saw this turkey coming closer and closer to us! I've never seen one up front and personal, I know, I must live a sad life because this was my first encounter with one.

So many feathers, and colors, and that long-gross-looking-80 year old neck, but its still pretty in its old way.

I'm already jumping in excitement for tomorrow's post, but I don't want to be charged again for the internet at Starbucks. Can anybody hook me up with free internet here or know how?

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