Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black & White/Gray

Trying to post this entry has taken too much time because I wanted to create a cute collage of my family, but I couldn't figure out how to do it and I became impatient. I first tried iPhoto, then FlickR, then Picnik and if there's a way to create on there then I missed it all. And if you know how to please share NOW! And the internet is going slooooowwwww.

But I'm somewhat thankful for time its taken to do all this because I was able to paint my toenails Miami Beet (nail polish always has tacky names) and my clear-coat my nails. Then I was able to talk to my brother for one second until he started texting away and then I came back up 3 flights of stairs to still see the pictures loading. And also start making lunch.

Here is what I wanted to share though: some family history

This is on my grandmother's side of the family, her sister and her husband. I just love the way this image is captured and the black & white makes it so much more beautiful. Ike reminds me of Frank Sinatra.

Here's my grandma out in the snow, love the coat!

And here's momma out in the backyard with the family (not shown)

I don't know who these people are but I love this picture!

Don't know these people either but I love the beach and this picture and the angle its taken at.

Here's my grandma at a young age on a horse, if that was me I would have been crying and screaming my head off. I like looking at horses but they scare me.

This must be in a Photobooth because everyone is crammed in either trying to smile or it was too hard to even open their mouth. My grandmother is right in the middle with a white long sleeved and my grandpa behind her smiling with his glasses.

This is grandma and her older sister, I love the bathing suits to be honest and once again on the beach.

Libby and Jerry looking so precious! And my grandma's hair!

Just love these photos!

This picture is one of my favorites. I love the facial expression from all the men, their too manly to smile. Its was my grandpa's painting class and he was such a wonderful painter (would have loved to hear stories from him). My grandfather is on the top with the black suit and classes and where it also says "Landy." I'm so glad grandma labeled each photo because I thought he was the guy in the middle.

I love how there is so much history in this house!

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