Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Reading List

One thing I would like to do this summer is read, a lot.
So I've put together a small reading list of some books I want to get to, if you have any recommendations let me know.
This is kind of a particular order, but if one falls before the other, oh well.

I've heard from various people how deep and heart-wrenching this is, so its one I definitely want to get to this summer.

A story of change in Miller's life, I'm interested. I enjoyed Blue Like Jazz so this should be as good.

Also the author of 'Wild at Heart' for men to read, but I may read that as well.

Saw this book posted on someone else's blog and immediately became interested, from the description it looks really good.

About to be a movie, I would like to read it before it comes out.

I've got plenty to read this summer, I need to go to Barnes & Noble soon! Or if you have any of these copies I don't mind using them!

To myself: Happy reading!

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