Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Baby is THREE Today!

Here's a little ode in words then pictures to my oldest boy... from the start, to the present.

Peter, I love you. You are my first born and will always mean sooo sooo much to me, your Mommy. I will always remember the peaceful feeling I felt when the dr. told me you were going to be delivered by emergency c-section. Your father gave me a blessing earlier, and promised that I would be okay, that you would be okay, and that the Savior would be with me. He was. I felt His peace that day, and though the nurses and doctors scurried around me, I knew it would be alright. The only thing that made me nervous was waiting for your Daddy to be beside me. Once he was, I was fine.

Since then, you have been such a joy and a blessing. As a baby, you were adorable. Even when you weren't getting enough to eat (we found out too late that my breastmilk wasn't nourishing you)... you would be happy, smiling. And the Lord blessed you, that you grew and developed normally, even though you had a hard few months, and even though your mom was severely depressed when you were a baby. I was so worried, once I realized how depressed I had been, that you would be affected. But the Lord came through again. He always does and He always will.

And then you grew and grew... you learned to crawl, to scream (with happiness!), to talk, to walk, to laugh, to joke, to love, to cuddle, to whine, to be a big brother, to torture (lovingly?) a little brother, to obsess over cars, to obsess over Thomas the Train, to want to be just like your Daddy...

I love you so much, Peter. You look like your Daddy. Always have. That was one of my first thoughts when the nurse presented you to me-- you looked JUST like a Gibbons, just like your Dad. And except for your brown eyes (MINE!!!) and your floppy ears (sorry about that gene :)... you do. You are sooo sooo handsome. You are also so curious and smart and loving. You have such a capacity to serve others. You are also so sensitive. You know when I'm having a bad day, and ask me, "How you feeling, Mommy?" You know just when I need a hug. And you know how to be silly, which I love.

I love you and can't wait for the years to come! Know that I'm always here for you, that I know you are a good boy, no matter your choices, and that I know you can always turn to me, to your Dad, and to your Heavenly Father.

Happy 3rd Birthday Bubba/Buppy/Peter/Buddy!!! :)


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