Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 2: Don't Bicker

Peter and Jer with his black eye (thanks to falling in the tub, poor guy)

I just head over to Resourceful Mommy and got Day 2's parenting assignment: Do not bicker with your spouse/partner about anything in front of the matter what.

I really appreciate this one, as Robert and I have it as a goal to not bicker in front of the kids (and it doesn't always happen). So "no matter what"... even if I really AM right (haha, don't I ALWAYS think I'm right?!? Hence the BICKERING?!?)... I will no bicker.

This is one I want to stick from here on out.

By the way, my report on yesterday is that it was pretty darn easy... since my friend Melissa had the kids all day while I worked. :) I did make a few efforts to not say "no" right away, and I was inspired by another friend's positive response to the challenge, especially in putting her children first. I agree with her completely--whenever I give my kids dedicated time, even if it's just 15 minutes of reading time or puzzles, they are happy and satisfied for a long time thereafter and are transformed! 

My sister-in-law Debbie gave me a great acronym for when you are at the END of your rope/feel frustrated/want to run away and not look back!!!: DEAD: Drop Everything And Read. I have tried this when I have felt really frustrated or whatever and it really works. The kids calm down, I calm down, and we end up feeling loving, happy feelings.

Oh. I just realized that this challenge is going to be extraordinarily simple, too, since Robert has to study late at school tonight. Haha. I guess I'm off easy? Well, I talk to him about 20 times a day on the phone, so I'll be sure to be extra nice.

Love to y'all!

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