Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being Asked.

Being asked to take pictures really lightens up my heart. I got a (late)call night where a close friend of mine asked me to take pictures of her and her roommate. I know its not wedding photography, or tiny naked babies, but just the thought of being asked I wanted to jump out of my bed and say "YES!" but I was too tired to jump up so I said "yes" in a very monotone, i'm tired, voice. 

Basically if you want me to take pictures of you let me know, my answer is already YES!!

Here are some that I've taken when people specifically asked me to take pictures of them.

This wasn't a picture that made it on the Christmas Cards. I don't have those final ones, but I took them. This is one on my camera I liked.
Oh just being sillyheads. 

My beautiful sweet, goofy, loving, friend, roommate, girl.

A very beautiful, sweet, loving Visser family.

I love taking pictures. 

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