Monday, February 1, 2010

Chugga Chugga... Poo Poo?!? (EWE!)

Be afraid. Be very afraid. This post is about none other than the POTTY TRAIN!!!

Well, we've been flitting around it for more than a year (Peter first showed interest in the potty at about 18 months; he turns 3 in two weeks)... and today, finally, I am officially potty training Peter. Basically, he's running around half-naked all day, so if you were planning on visiting me, you may want to wait. :)

He's done superbly so far... and after his nap, he'll be wearing his Thomas the Tank Engine underwear and hopefully keep them dry. (If he doesn't, it's back to nakey-time, bwahahaha.)

Potty Training a la Jocelyn (casually for the last 1.5 years; seriously for the past 6 hours):
  • Perspective: For us, poopy diapers weren’t half as stinky as all the potty-training drama (hence why we waited until Peter—and Mommy, haha—were both FULLY ready to train… because of several previous major dramatic meltdowns. I decided I’d rather be SANE than have Peter diaper-free for a while.)
  • Optimism: I accomplish a lot every day, considering I congratulate Peter for going on the potty with extreme enthusiasm... I should be cheering myself on more! I go to the potty, I wash my hands, I even put on my own shoes, make my own food, change diapers, and take care of all the little (and sometimes big) people around me. (Ok, I DO deserve some props!)
  • Treats: Thomas the Tank Engine stickers and butterscotch chips can get a 3-year-old boy to do almost anything.
  • Tunes: Elmo’s Potty Time video rocks. Accidents do indeed, happen. And everyone DOES learn to use the potty! Oh those profound songs... (which get stuck in my head all day; mixed in there with all the Thomas the Tank Engine songs... ahh!)
  • Yaw: Even little boys do the potty dance (which I thought was just for mommies?) when they’re not wearing a pull-up, AKA safety net.
So today is going to be pretty, umm, "exciting." Wish us ALL luck!

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