Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello All!

Yes, we are alive. Though busy. AND NO, I did NOT de-friend you on Facebook if we were friends. I deactivated my account... as a New Year's Resolution to not be so addicted to Restaurant City (sad!) and Facebook generally. I LOVE Facebook, but I just need some time away... :) So you'll just have to comment, call, or e-mail (or Tweet me on Twitter).

Anyway, Robert just showed me this hilarious video that seriously made me snort because I was laughing so hard... it's a "literal" version of the most crazy music video EVER... "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Seriously. SO FUNNY. Thanks Danny (since he was the one that shared it originally).

The beginning I was kind of just like "okay, this is weird," but by the end I was snort-laughing. So funny....

Well, I love you all and hope things are going well. I'll get on and post pics soon... and try to update this at least weekly with a portion of the time I used to dedicate to Facebook. :) Happy laughing! -Jocelyn

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