Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting started

As much as we want to make New Years Resolutions and stick with them for the entire year, 365 days, we fail. We're humans. We fail at MANY things. My tasks this year is 1. Read the entire Bible and 2. Do every recipe in Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Yes I have begun going through Genesis and as a dear friend told me from Donald Miller "Read the Bible as a story, not a self-help manual." With that mentality I think I can truly read the Bible as a story and get through it during the year.

I have also started doing Pioneer Woman's recipes. I have done two now, and I did them in the same day. I still have plenty to do.

Here is what I have done:
1. "Egg-in-the-hole"
Just simply some butter (well lots), an egg, toast, salt, pepper

yummy detail shot of the egg yoking out, "mmm"

2. Blackberry Cobbler (I used blueberry)

another detail shot of all the blueberries and sugar drizzled over, really good with some ice cream

Well this is just the beginning, lots more delicious stuff to come!

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