Sunday, January 17, 2010

Grateful Sunday: Miracles

I'm not making any promises... like saying I'm always going to publish on Sunday. But when I do, I'm going to stick with the good old Gratitude blog, to remember my many blessings.

I've been reflecting lately on how easy it really is to FORGET your blessings. The scriptures again and again tell us to "remember" all the Lord has done. And it is easy for me at least to judge the people in the scriptures who seem (honestly) stupid for so quickly forgetting incredible miracles.

Yet I have seen miracles in my life. And I forget. So here's hoping this gratitude post will aid me to remember...

Since I talked about miracles, I'm going to go ahead and go with that theme.

Miracles I Am Grateful For:

  1. I suffered no injuries when I was 2 years old and fell out of a second-story window of our house (my sis was babysitting and I was apparently a good climber... while she wasn't looking I climbed out the window of our second story house... and fell). I honestly believe a guardian angel attended me that day. It is am absolute miracle that I survived unscathed (though I'm sure a little shocked/traumatized).
  2. Countless times, I have lost something (it is unfortunately a weakness). And countless times, I have prayed to find the lost thing and had a thought come to me of an often weird place to look... and it's there. I know it's a small thing to find something that's lost, but to me it's a miracle and a testament that God answers prayers. (And it REALLY matters when you have a screaming baby that needs his binky... or you're locked out of your apartment--with 2 kids--in winter weather and think you dropped your keys SOMEWHERE outside.)
  3. I consider loving my husband and being loved by him a miracle. It is miraculous to me when two people fall in and continue choosing to love one another, even through hard times. (And just the fact that when I loved him, he loved me... that still amazes me. I'm glad it happened, but it seems like the odds are low that you both love each other... yet it happens all the time! That's a miracle in this cynical world.)
  4. Personal experiences that have confirmed the reality of a loving Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ are miracles. I have felt the Savior's grace and the peace, serenity, and pure bliss that comes from repentance. I have also felt the Savior's strength when I felt like I couldn't forgive, couldn't go on, or even just couldn't deal with screaming kids anymore! Heavenly Father is my Father... I am a daughter of God... and Jesus Christ is my Savior. They are aware of me and love me enough to help me everyday. And that is a miracle!
  5. The beautiful world around me is a miracle. I love nature... I really do. And I consider every sunrise, every creature, every blossoming tree in spring or snowfall in winter, to be a miracle. There is so much beauty... and I really do know that all things denote that there is a God. Nature really does seem to "speak" to my heart over and over again and confirm to me that God lives and is the loving Creator.
  6. Even though unfair things happen, bad people seem to "win" sometimes, and evil is rampant... people remain faithful and committed to Jesus Christ. The light that can shine in the darkness--someone's faith--is a miracle. No matter the seeming depth of any darkness, the smallest light dispels it. It is a miracle to me that no matter how bad things seem, faith and hope (and charity, we'll throw that in there) move on.
  7. Life is a miracle. Breathing in and out... having my heart beat... and watching these two little boys grow... are all once again evidences to me of the reality of a loving God.

I could go on and on... but I bear my witness that God lives, that Jesus Christ is His Son, and that they love each one of us. I have felt God's love and am a witness to His grace. Miracles do happen... and I am grateful I have been able to reflect and remember some of the mighty miracles in my life.

Love to you all!

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