Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jocelyn Speaks: A Child's Right to Life

I usually leave the political and "hot topic" posts to Robert (because I'm a wimp), but I was inspired by a great post by an old friend (whose political views, I'll admit, I don't always agree with; but he has a good heart).

You can find my response to the crazy comments (most of which I read, some of which I skimmed) as comment #33.

To simplify, I'll even just post it here for you. I thought this out and wrote it carefully and (tried to write it) from the heart. Robert helped me make sure I said everything I wanted to say in the way I wanted to say it, so thanks to him for that. (BTW, check out Robert's exceptionally thought-out posts on abortion morally and legally... politically is still-to-come.)

My Two Cents:
My view is simple but firm. I am not a philosopher so I won’t go there. I’m almost not a political expert or even near it… so I won’t try that one, either.
I do however have my faith– my belief in God and my will to follow Him. I know, because of my life and my experiences, which no one can disprove, that God lives. I know that He is my Father, that He created all things. And I know that life is sacred.

A fetus is part of creation. It is a baby waiting to be born. As a mother of two, I have felt life form inside of me– and it is nothing short of a miracle. It is something to be awed, to be reverenced, and to be respected.
I believe creation is sacred and sexual intimacy is a power intended by God to be used between a husband and wife to strengthen marriage and, of course, create life.
At-will abortion IS wrong. It is wrong to kill an unborn child except in extreme, carefully weighed cases (rape, incest, risk of health to the mother). The killing of an unborn child just because it is “convenient” is akin to murder.

I don’t think women who have abortions are bad people. I do, however, think they are misguided and making a tragic mistake, one that they will have to face up to before God. Abortion hurts the unborn child, true. But it also hurts the woman who has the abortion.

God has laws. His creations, nature all around us, revolve around laws. There are things that are right and things that are wrong. At-will abortion is wrong.

I know my belief cannot PROVE to anyone to side with me, but I guess that wasn’t my point. I just wanted to get it out there that I believe in life because of my faith– because God is God; His laws are eternal; and He respects life.

For the best article I think has ever been written about abortion, read this.
I really do believe all that I wrote, and I hope for morality... I hope for intimacy between a man and a woman to be regarded as it was intended, as sacred, meant for a husband and wife. The distortion of intimacy is the obvious root of the abortion problem... and I hope more young men and women awake to the reality that they are children of God and that their bodies are creations of God and are sacred. (-Jocelyn)

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