Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Are Alive!

Yes. This is Jeremy wearing a batman mask. He LOVES it. Should I be concerned?!?

Hello Everyone...

We have been lame at blogging. And I take the blame, since Robert does work full-time and Peter and Jeremy don't know how to read and write yet.

Here's a G Family Update:

  • Robert is happily back to being obsessed with the Jazz now that we're in Utah again. He has always been a fan, but now he devotedly watches every Jazz game and EVEN watches his "worst (NBA) enemies" to cheer AGAINST them (sorry, Lakers fans!). Robert's firm has season tickets to the Jazz... so we've been able to go to a game so far (against the Magic) which was AWESOME!!!

  • Peter is potty-trained (WOOHOO) and keeps his pants dry, provided we bribe him with DS/Gamecube privileges. Yes, he's three. I know. It's kind of scary he already loves video games. And I AM contemplating banning them from the house... but for now, they're helping motivate him, so they're doing some good. He also loves his preschool and is our silly big boy, always.

  • Jeremy is a spazz. A TOTAL spazz. He TODAY discovered how to climb out of his crib, which I am not happy about. Needless to say, after putting him back into his crib 20 times (yes, this kid is stubborn)... I gave up and he didn't nap today. Here's hoping naps aren't gone forever!!!

  • I am generally happy and crazy... somewhere in the middle of the two, I guess. My house is currently a disaster area... but I tend to be an all-or-nothing cleaner unfortunately. Hopefully I'll find my mojo and finish cleaning up tomorrow. Sorry, Mom and Megan! You really did teach me better... I have become a gym rat, though, and luckily, my kids love the "Kid Zone" there, too... woohoo!!!
Sorry this is short and choppy but I wanted to get it out there! Hope all is well with you and yours!

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