Wednesday, January 12, 2011

danielle's picks

my picks for the week:

1. movie: Country Strong, I hardly listen to country music at all and I was tearing up during this movie!

2. top: JCrew 

3. shoes: JCrew (its too early to wear or buy, but i'm already thinking ahead)

3. jeans: JCrew, classic bootcut (bought these not too long ago, perfect jean)

4. gwyneth: during the whole movie i was inspired by her clothing and hairstyles

5. dress: JCrew

6. satchel: JCrew, i'm infamous for always carrying one

7. watch: JCrew, for about 10 years or so i couldn't stand the idea of wearing a watch, now i hate leaving the house without one!

i'm all about the classic look, it will never go away.

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